It's time to up the game of online car buying

The innovators at CellARide have been in the ol' factory cookin up their most recent innovation, SmellARide!
What Is SmellARide?
Fragrant Features

The smart way to shop for cars. It just makes scents.

Free Device

Get a whiff of this... The SmellARide device is free with every dealership subscription.

Compatible With ALL Phones

The SmellARide device automatically sniffs out what smartphone it's connected to.

Lightweight & Portable

Fits in your pocket! Take SmellARide wherever the car lot may lead you!

SmellARide Device
Nose No Bounds

SmellARide is like a bloodhound with over 1,000 scents it can detect!

User Friendly

So easy to plug in SmellARide and get to sniffing the odors around you!

Detailed Reports

SmellARide just makes scents to know how the car smells before you buy it!

Get a whiff of how it works.

When vehicle shoppers are researching online, they want to know if the vehicle has been smoked in? Did the previous owners have pets? It's as simple as SNAP. SCENT. SMELL.

SNAP Device In Phone

Easily attaches to any phone with little setup.


Tap the 'Start Sniffing' button on your phone.

Detect The SMELL

Detect's 1000's of smells within seconds.

Our clients smell & tell.

The odor experts.

The technology experts pioneering automotive marketing tech one smell at a time.


Founder & CEO


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Sales Operations




Senior Developer




Chief Doodler

Frequently Asked Questions

From the moment you tap the sniffer button, SmellARide takes about 30 seconds to detect smells within a 10 ft radius. To get the best detection, make sure to hold the device still or lay device on the dashboard with SmellARide facing the rear of the car.

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SmellARide currently detects over 1,000 of the most common scents. Our odor experts are always working to add more scents to the device.

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The Vehicle SmellARide Report (VSR) automatically provides your dealership's vehicle detailed pages with a rating widget that has the detected odors for each vehicle in your inventory.

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